Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015

Rewind back to an unmissable event, or atleast a show that you have to attend once in your life on this planet.

27th June 2015, my first Goodwood experience. Travelling from the humble settings of West Yorkshire, attending the event held on the grounds of some wealthy aristocrat’s country estate was out of my comfort zone; at the time I didn’t really see myself fitting into that type of “crowd” of car enthusiasts. That sort of socio-economic nonsense is almost irrelevant when the love of cars comes into play though, as you begin to shove all prejudices in the bin and discover a common interest, destroying any barriers we put between ourselves.
Mazda is a car maker that is definitely one I have grown up to become fond of. My dad owned a 1992 Mazda 626 which soldiered on strong until a van went into the back of it, and then after two Volkswagen, returned back to the brand and bought a 2003 Mazda 6/Atenza Sport which was in my eyes an amazing car in its time. My brother owns an 1997 MX5/Roadster and has had it for 12 years, which is a legendary automobile of its own right and everyone knows it but is just afraid to admit, because it doesn’t have the ability to inflate one’s ego I suppose.
The few seconds we got to speak with Mad Mike. He was a cool man, just as you would expect (a Mazda owner) him to be if you’ve ever seen his presence online. He has grown up with the rotary engine and its unusualness, which reflects in his wild character. His passion is real and you can tell, particularly when he is in the seat of any of his machines, the guy knows how to rip.
The RX7 book by Jack Yamaguchi that my brother brought along in hope of getting an autograph from Johnny Herbert; didn’t go to plan, so we settled for Mr Whiddett’s instead.
…all over the show.
That’s one of the main attractions I guess, getting the chance to see cars you would probably never get to lay eyes on, up close. They are pieces of art. Especially these three. The Lexus LFA truly is one of a kind, a future classic as the prices for them are clearly proving. Lexus, with the LFA, seem to be continuing to push the limits of design, similar to the Pagani Huayra but that is definitely more of a piece of art. The Lexus embodies pure technology and function in an amazing package that I doubt will ever age.
Exhibit B
がんばろう! – roughly translates to ‘Lets do our best!’ Mazda’s philosophy here should reign supreme!
…my cousin doing his best to pick up the giant Honda in a plastic blister box whilst I try framing the shot. Effort = 10/10!

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