Yorkshire Modified Car Show 2015

These first few posts on the site will be releases of dormant photos I have had lying in my desktop folder titled ‘DSLR Photos’. I know, very original. Going forward, you will notice some of the photos are horribly framed. This is because my 18-55mm lens gave up the ghost, and for some random reason, I replaced it with a 55-200mm tele-scope-photo lens. I have since found some use for it, such as shooting cars on track days if they are far afield, or observing the craters on the moon.

This following set consists of a few motors I managed to get half-decent photos of, which were all display cars or just visitors’ cars at the annual Yorkshire Modified Car Show, the first car show I attended.

Everyone and their dog know how much I adore the FD RX-7. It is and forever will be the most spectacular four-wheeled machine to ever be produced. I went straight to this car so I could snap a shot of it as soon as the pals I went to the show with informed me that it was there, just sat in the visitor’s parking area. From what I remember, the rear was a sorry sight, as the owner, or whoever, had installed a Lexus-style rear light cluster, so the front end sporting a C-West clip along with a Scoot ‘style’ bonnet is pleasing enough I would say.
Double trouble. This chassis won’t go out of date in my book. Those headlight covers probably could do with staying back in the 2000s though…
The windscreen banner says ‘gotsudosupiido’ or ‘godspeed’. Either the man in the sky is a slow runner or this NA is packing punch behind those ‘speed’ holes.
This was I thought nicely done, maybe a bit plain though. I do have a soft spot for the BMW E39 5-series, however, 4 years ago I clearly did not though, as I can bet I didn’t look twice at it.
My previous car was an FN1 Type S Civic, and it was brilliant, bar the lacklustre 1.8 engine. I see the Euro FN2 Type R every so often and I still admire their shape and bodylines, even after 12 years. Honda know how to make good looking cars that stand the test of time.
Making our way inside the main hall located in the centre of the showground, greeted by this S15.
Now, it has come to my attention that cars with Japanese number plates automatically look infinitely times better than if they had Euro/UK plates. Now, I do not know the visual science behind this yet, but it is a fact, debate all you want. This NA is a perfect example. That colour is amazing, seems like the blue shade Mazda sprayed the 323/Lantis in. Whatever it is, it looks great with the silver wheel combo.
Neatly done, even if the interior was a bit shouty with its colour co-ordination.
Outside, we escape the hustle and bustle in the show hall. A low-but-not-too-low ‘Hawkeye’ WRX STi looks nice in any colour, especially the darkest shade.

I remember taking this photo and gawping at the GENUINE (I hope) Volk Racing RAYS TE37 wheels. These are rare to come by, especially in the UK. And those brakes look serious. This chassis Celica is also growing on me as of late.
Not a bad view from my car trying to leave the car park…
This 6/Atenza MPS was sat more than a few metres away, but you can’t tell, thanks to that trusty lens! Win.