JAE 2015

Still in 2015. I visited Peterborough’s East of England Showground for the Japanese Auto Extravaganza, a car show that spans a whole weekend. There was strength in numbers with owners clubs travelling from near and far, representing all marques of Japanese metal, old and new-ish. The following photo roll highlights my top picks of that day out.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you have no soul) this FD did not sport the original engine, as the owner had swapped in a SR20DET from a Nissan Silvia. The overall posture of the car was alright though.
Aggressive lookers…
Strong looking set up here, but with very subtle enhancements like the boot lip spoiler mounted beneath the TT wing.
Sweet like chocolate…
Classic Veilside, yes it may appear outlandish, but the colour on this Supra was just as loud as the front face, so everything flows in harmony.
If I remember correctly this CR-Z was supercharged by way of HKS. These hybrid machines have flair, especially well modified examples like this one dorned in Mugen aero. It’s a shame Honda didn’t continue development of the chassis.
I was impressed by this S14…
The functional look with a bit of flavour on the wheels.
Cannot remember if that roof scoop was functional. It definitely fit the overall aesthetic of this NSX without ruining it.
This was like a time capsule, frozen in time.
Centrelock rollers so you know this is strictly business
This R35 GTR possessed a well needed weight loss programme.
The NACA duct in the bonnet looked oddly out of place, but these cars are known to run hot from time to time.
Insane R34 from Ireland, V-spec front bumper flanked by a very rare (if genuine Nissan parts) pair of the famed Z-tune’s front wings.