Oulton Park – British GT Championship Rd.1 2019

A couple of weeks back I attended the starting round of the British GT, taking place at Oulton Park, Cheshire. It is not too dissimilar from Cadwell Park, in that it is scenic and every corner you stand at will be unique, both the track and the surrounding woods.

I actually signed up for a photography workshop run by Jessops Academy, after the salesman at the Leeds branch strongly suggested I do so. The format of the all-day session was well-planned but not too regimented if that makes sense. The lead photographer, Pete (@pete.jessopsacademy), co-ordinated the group and gave us pointers here and there, but for the most part we were creatively free behind the lens. Not only did Pete gives us some insider advice on how to compose photos of cars on track, he got us behind-the-pitwall access to Academy Motorsport’s garage on the day, getting the opportunity to meet the driver and crew which was cool.

Anyway, not much yabber from this point onwards, enjoy the snaps.

Thanks for coming through.

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