Full Sends on a Sunday | Drift Matsuri Day#2 2019

The area inland of Anglesey’s coast is that quaint, driving through the vast, green landscape had me fantasizing about moving out there. I was staying at an AirBNB bedroom of an older couple’s house in Niwbwrch – a village about 20 minutes worth of driving from the circuit. At night when I arrived at the place, it had an eerily quiet vibe that I am not used to. It was nice though, allowed me to rest up and be fresh for the day ahead.

Anyway, the Sunday morning I showed up to the track, I ensured I had an hour or so to kill before everyone hit the tarmac. In fact, I can’t remember if I even knew what time the track was due to open for drifting, because I can recall asking around just so that I got a solid vantage point at the start of the day post-Golden Hour.

The van shaped vehicle shown above is a based on a Mk4 Escort, but ran with an engine pinched from a Vauxhall Astra. I knew – and still know nothing – about this thing, except for: it had ITBs and sounded angry as fuck. The driver had it by the scruff of its neck as the van never straightened up from what I remember.

There’s that much going on at Drift Matsuri, it was only until the morning after day one, that I realised how much use the cars saw in the space of few hours drifting during the Saturday. Because the circuit length is pretty substantial, and then to have separate layouts, capturing all of the highlights is not an easy job, if not impossible. I mean, take a look at Charlie’s E-Type! Obviously, as is the nature of drifting, a mishap or two can occur when you’re out there. Sometimes all it can take is a little bit of spilt fluid on track for a catastrophic ‘off’ to happen. Bit sad to see the Jag’s punched-up face detached and plonked on the ground. Can’t imagine nothing but a strong comeback once its all made pretty again.

Guy must have a Tesla or some shit for a daily.

One of the Low Origin bois had his S15’s bonnet propped so I went over for a lil peep. Nothing crazy, surprisingly, especially when you step back and look at the fancy aero and wheel setup combined with that rip-tear livery design. I am sure plenty of work has been carried out to ensure the SR20 can withstand the heavy-duty sliding its subjected to. I can’t get over how sick chromatic Work CR2Ps look!

The Silvia we saw on day #1 was being prepped for retirement from the remaining hours of the final day’s session. I stumbled upon it as you see it; unsure whether they were having issues getting the car on the flatbed due to the lack of ground clearance.

Everyone partied hard – car and driver alike.

Some details found on Adam’s Silvia S15. I am a big fan of RB-swapped S-chassis, mainly because I don’t really think the sound an SR emits is particularly ‘music to my ears’. You can be sure of me asking Adam for a shooting session to capture this car in its entirety, if our paths cross sometime again in the future. Watch this space!

Ron from Team Legless won’t ever cease to amaze us with his ability behind the wheel. Being a competitor in the Drift Cup series, he’s one the few who have seen a decent amount more seat-time than the hobbyist drifters. He was going hell for leather all day, until I got this shot of him and his SC300/Soarer beached at the top of the touge course, which I think was his final bow for that weekend.

Bomex fronts on NB MX-5s produce an effect equivalent to adolescent puberty. Rick’s Roadster, a car I don’t think was present on the Saturday, instantly got me excited.

No words needed, just take a look at its pure, simplistic beauty.

This Nissan was done so well, if it were mine I’d shit myself every time I took it out, worrying about scraping the lip and ruining the paint on a speedbump. Zenki S14s are difficult to get looking right, in my opinion, but bravo to whoever built this. Its those Work Equip 03s that do it for me.

Another car I didn’t get to see playing out was this E30 3-Series. You could tell within the first few seconds of looking at it that the fit and finish of the build was on point from every aspect; paint, rollcage, wheel choice and fitment. Thing was a damn showcar!

Technically, this FC RX-7 was no longer a ‘Rotary Turbo’ [crying inside], but I hope the sticker that the owner chose to leave on becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy [wishful thought]. Although he might not revert to running a 13BT, the rest of the car was fine and dandy. I can appreciate the details such as the flat grey tubbed & gusseted bay, and the Link Engine Management multi-function display.

Before I close out, I’ve gotta say, it was cool to see all these machines with their drivers putting on a grand show. I think the format of the event is a winning formula, and I hope to attend the many more to come in the future. The event organizers have now actually announced an additional date for your 2020 calendar, appropriately titled the ‘Spring Matsuri’ thats bound to take place at Anglesey (where else?) on the 12th of April. I’m sure it’ll be a good ‘un.

That’s all folks! Drift Matsuri 2019 was a good time for all. I think it is akin to how the drifting culture in Japan is/was, or atleast that is how I feel.

Hope you saw something you vibed with. As always, thanks for the view!

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