The night of 07/07/17, shot somewhere between Yokohama and Chiba, the orderly parade of the ruleless…

Welcome to my site.

My passion for automotive culture should (I hope) bleed through the words and the photographs I share with you.

Maybe a brief introduction to why I am here creating this page. I will start with the name: Soul Fokus.

At first, even to me, you may think of it as a cheap play on words, using the phrase ‘sole focus’ but applying an alternative “twist” by deliberately erroring my grammar. Though, there is reason. The word ‘soul’ I think is very powerful, and it should be of paramount value and importance in all aspects of life. I believe that it is the reason we are here, our souls have brought us to this world, to experience, to learn, to grow, to develop. This is all such an intriguing and mystical subject, but I don’t want to go off on a tangent.


This leads me to the next word; ‘fokus’. My name is Kiret Kundi, it has its origins in India, Punjab to be exact, where my parents were born and grew up. The letter ‘K’ is in my name, and alliteration is apparent. This is why I choose to use it in place of the letter ‘c’. Focus is what I consider as the utmost virtue we should all aim to demonstrate. It is difficult in this day and age, but I am starting to realise that when I block out all aimless activities and just put my energy into one specific interest, I can accomplish what I want beyond my expectations. Focus is what allows us to see, which in turn instils us with awareness, which then can transform into knowledge, and this is how we advance in life. Oh yeah, and [auto]focus is what allows me to snap these bad asz photos you are about to view on this site.

Hope you enjoy, thanks for coming!