CiviK | Vol. IV

Getting the K20 lump situated into an EK/EJ Civic can be done a multitude of ways. Over the years, tuners and hobbyists alike have developed methods for FWD, RWD, or 4WD configurations. So however you like your K-Swap, highly likely someone has ‘been there, done that’.

As for me, the original FF configuration made most sense, practically. Off-the-shelf components and kits produced by Hasport, Hybrid Racing, K-Tuned, Innovative Mounts etc, are tried and tested, so yeah I went the “easy” route.

As you may or may not know, EK subframes force you to mount K-series engines toward the front of the car, which is troublesome for bonnet and radiator clearance. Luckily, Honda parts are interchangable, meaning that using an EG Civic (5th gen) or DC Integra (3rd gen) front subframe with the two-piece lower suspension arms and forks allows for rearward engine mounting, with still plenty of room for the exhaust manifold and other ancillaries that are mounted on/adjacent to the firewall.

To be honest, I’ll admit I went over the top taking photos of the subframe and steering rack. I’ll post them anyway, might help you, might not, whatever.

By the way, those last couple images up there, that’s the bracket that retains the passenger-side of the steering rack. A rubber bushing is supposed to have come with it, but I had to go back to the seller and retrieve that.

Power steering was a must, so I chose to go with the DC2 Integra Type R rack. According to forumbois, DC2R steering ratio is quicker than the EK9’s rack. It’s also a lot more common of a part to find in the UK. To identify a DC2 Type R steering rack – or any DC2R-specific part – look for part number label or casting marks that read ‘ST7’.

Aaaaand off the bits went to be shotblasted and then powdercoated in satin black for that OEM-fresh quality. Plot twist: the powdercoaters chose to go full gloss and fucked what I said. Main thing is, the parts weren’t leaving crumbs of rust everytime I handle them.

Again, no pics were taken of anything once I got them back. Maybe I was too pissed off with the powdercoaters cocking up, that I didn’t bother. Don’t worry, you’ll catch a glimpse of them fitted to the car soon enough.

In other news, here’s something that I DID want in gloss black.

The brother eventually got around to painting my vintage Snap-On top chest. It wasn’t in bad condition for its age, but I got it for a good price so I thought I may aswell give it a refresh. It’s that old, when cleaning/prepping prior to paint, I found a letter from British Gas dated during the 1940s/50s, typewritten and the lot!

Seen as though I had no car to put the engine and gearbox into for 3 months, Me and Hamza got to work on engine removal.

To be continued…

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